Fields of expertise

Translation expertise specialization Language

Fields of expertise:

> Law (every area)
> Contracts
> Finance and economics
> Banking
> Trade and companies
> Aviation, aeronautical law and industry
> Patents of invention and intellectual property
> Medicine
> Pharmaceuticals
> Clinical protocols and essays
> Alternative therapies
> Ecology and the environment
> Process technologies
> Agriculture and animal husbandry
> Food industry, food processing
> Technology and information technology
> Oil and gas
> Tourism and hospitality
> Social sciences, self-improvement, and empowerment
> Health and welfare
> Manuals of different types
> e-Learning and e-commerce materials
> Training materials
> Chemistry and biochemistry
> Engineering
> Public relations
> Quality control & quality assurance, among others

A Key Factor Translations specializes in document translation. To do so it counts on experienced and well-known translators who build on experience and talent in this difficult task of overcoming cultural barriers and promoting the actual market potential for every message or product.



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